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My ancestors are from the small town of S. Vincenzo la Costa in Calabria, Italy. The purpose of this website is to create one big index of nearby towns in Calabria so it is easier to help other genealogists track down the records themselves.  These records are from the Civil Registration Books for 1809-1910.

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Rende Records (2018)

** I can assist you in your research if you email me!  Saying thanks is always nice too! I have copies of most S. Vincenzo and S. Fili documents**

These records have been shared for the purpose of researching family history and are not to be published, copied or reproduced without written consent. No profit should be made from these records.


  1. Hi, Jack. My grandfather, Michele Filippo, came from San Vincenzo La Costa and my grandmother came from Montalto Uffugo. I look forward to following your blog.
    Marie Filippo

  2. This is so amazing Jack!

  3. Jack,
    hoping to be in Calabria next week and thought don't know day/time do hope to convince some friends to accompany me to San Vincenzo to see the town where the Magnifico's lived. Thanks for compiling and sending all the information and if I go, I will take back some pictures that I hope to share with all on your
    ancestry web site.
    Thanks again!

  4. What an amazing resource Jack!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  5. Hi Jack,
    A great big thank you for creating and sharing these indices. With your indices I have been able to trace my maternal great grandfather Domenico Alfano and great grandmother Serafina Staffa (and their parents). I am very grateful for the information you have provided in your blog here as I cannot read, write or speak Italian (unfortunately) and would have great difficulty locating the civil records let alone transcribing the information. So thanks again and Happy New Year, may it be filled with lots of love. Sincerely Nancy

  6. Is San Sosti the same as San Sisto?

  7. No...San Sosti is its own comune. San Sisto dei Valdesi is a hamlet of San Vincenzo la Costa.

  8. Great site! Thank you for investing your time in this project. I'll be in touch. - Bill Bragg, great-grandson of Alessandro Ricchio and Saveria Ruffolo

  9. Hola
    Mi nombre es Silvia Storino y vivo en argentina, creo haber encontrado a parte de mis ancestros en los archivos de este blog, estoy buscando màs informaciòn sobre el matrimonio de bruno storino con maria carmella fullone, he visto a sus hijos pero no puedo dar con su acta de matrimonio. Agradezco mucho este blog
    Silvia silviastorino@yahoo.com.ar

  10. Hello...Is this site still moderated?

  11. Jack,
    My name is Marina and I represent Nemer & Guimarães, a law firm in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
    We´re in in the process of obtaining Italian citzenship for a client whose grandparents were born in San Vicenzo.
    For that we need an original birth certificate from San Vicenzo Comune. I am, however, having trouble contacting the city hall trough email as it seems several of the the adresses provided on the citie´s website are either wrong or no longer in use.
    Could you please forward us a valid email adress to Comune San Vicenzo or maybe recommend a better way to get the documents we need?
    Thank you for your time and for creatig San Vicenzo La Costa Genealogy Records,your efforts have already helped our reserch a great deal.

    Please contact me at

  12. Jack, Thanks for all this info! My great grandparents were Venturos from San Vincenzo and through your hard work I have found a lot of info about them. I was so happy to go visit San Vincenzo a few years ago with my mother and see where our ancestors came from. It's a beautiful little town!

  13. Thank You! I found my Great grandfather Angelo Magliocco on here. Now to find anything about his 2nd wife Michaelina Viscardo. Thank you so much!